Builders Edinburgh

Looking for Trustworthy Edinburgh Builders?

There are a lot of contractors in Edinburgh offering home renovations and extension builds. Here at Dovetail, we are fully aware that you have choices. Furthermore, we would never even think of doing something to limit your choices or prevent you from discovering just how many you have. We would caution you to be careful in your selection of home builders though.

Not all builders in Edinburgh are companies you really want to deal with. While most of us are highly reputable and willing to go the extra mile, there are some in our industry who do shoddy work. There are also scammers more than happy to take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners in the Edinburgh area.

So how do you know? How can you tell if an Edinburgh builder is trustworthy?

Industry Experience

One of the first things to look at when profiling home builders is the amount of industry experience a company has. Dovetail is proud to say that we have 25 years of combined experience in the home building industry. Why does this matter? Because experience and longevity are both tell-tale signs of trustworthiness.

Companies that cannot be trusted do not stay in business for decades. They are only able to operate until their reputations catch up with them. On the other hand, builders with multiple decades of experience have earned the trust of their clients.

Openness of Communication

Another sign of a trustworthy contractor is the openness of communication between them and their customers. Trustworthy builders in Edinburgh have nothing to hide; they actually want to communicate with clients because they want the work to pay the bills. A builder who doesn’t answer the phone, doesn’t respond to e-mails, and is generally ambiguous during conversations is one to be wary of.

Volume of Work

Last of all is the volume of work a contractor has. The best builders in Edinburgh are constantly busy because they deliver what their customers expect. If you were to contact a builder during the height of the construction season only to discover he can start that same day, you would have to wonder about the volume of work his company does.

Finding a trustworthy builder can be a chore. But doing it right always pays off in the long run. A trustworthy builder will treat you well, give you what you want, and do so with honesty and integrity.