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"Dovetail Contracts Ltd can help you create your dream home with a custom-built extension. As we like to say, we can build whatever you dream up."

What do you do with a home your family has outgrown? Or how about a home that just simply doesn't meet your needs? You could certainly sell and look to buy something new – or you could build a home extension.

With all that is going on in the housing market, more homeowners are opting to build extensions rather than attempting to move up the property ladder. They are finding it more attractive to stay put because they can create their dream homes by building extensions more easily than searching for what they want in a new home.

Dovetail Contracts Ltd can help you create your dream home with a custom-built extension. As we like to say, we can build whatever you dream up. Our experienced team of craftsmen will work closely with your architect to build exactly what you want, exactly how you want it. The finished product will be an extension you will be proud to show your friends and family. Your new home might even become the focal point of the entire neighbourhood.


For every person who attempts to move up the property ladder there are many more who decide to build extensions instead. We have worked with many of them in the Edinburgh area throughout the years. If you have been thinking about stepping on the next property ladder rung, please consider some of the main reasons others choose the home extension option:

  • Much lower cost
  • The ability to get exactly what you want
  • Avoiding the hassle of buying and selling
  • Avoiding the hassle of moving to a new house
  • Increasing the value of your property.

Cost is one of the biggest factors in building an extension as opposed to selling and buying. When you account for all the extras that go in to the process such as agent fees, solicitor fees, stamp duty, etc., as well as all the hassle that this entails, you may just as well save yourself the headache and the extra cost and stay where you are.

When you decide to build an extension, you can put a lot of this money that you would have spent on the extras when buying a house to build exactly what you want, according to your vision for your home. When you buy, you take the very real risk of not being able to find something that matches your vision.

Dovetail Contracts builds visions when we build home extensions. Are you ready to build yours?

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